Joseph Farington 1747 - 1821

Landscape painter
English; British
born in:
Lancashire, England, United Kingdom

1763 - sent to London to train in the studio of Richard Wilson. 1765 - became a member of the Society of Artists. 1769 - joined the Royal Academy Schools at their inception. 1773 - along with his brother George, Richard Earlom and Josiah Boydell, was sent to Houghton Hall in Norfolk to record the paintings in the collection. 1783 - elected Associate Member of the Royal Academy. 1785 - elected Royal Academician. 1793 - was a fellow of the Society of Antiquaries. Was sent by William Windham, MP for Norwich, to the Netherlands to prepare illustrations for an official record of the siege of Valenciennes. Started keeping his diary which he continued until his death. 1794 - published two volumes of a History of the River Thames. 1978-1984 - A sixteen-volume printed edition of his Diary was issued.