Rifle Brigade (Prince Consort's Own) 1802 - 1966


1800 - an "Experimental Corps of Riflemen", was raised, drawn from officers and other ranks from drafts of a variety of British regiments. 1802 - the Rifle Corps was brought into the line of the British Army as the 95th Regiment of Foot, the 95th Rifles. 1805 - a 2nd Battalion was raised at Canterbury, Kent, and later in the year the 1st/95th deployed to Germany as part of a British expedition. 1807 - took part in the Battle of Copenhagen. 1813 - at the Battle of Nivelle, a company of the 95th Rifles held off an entire French division. 1816 - The 95th, having seen distinguished service in the Napoleonic Wars, became the Rifle Brigade. 1866 - Private Timothy O'Hea of the 1st Battalion, was awarded the Victoria Cross for an act of bravery in peacetime, while his unit was stationed in Canada. 1916 - articipated in the Battle of Flers-Courcelette during the Somme Offensive of WWI. 1944 - The 1st and 8th Battalions landed in Normandy and fought their way through France, Belgium and the Netherlands to end the war in the vicinity of Hamburg. 1958 - the 1st Battalion was renamed the 3rd Green Jackets Regiment of the Green Jackets Brigade. 1966 - the brigade was amalgamated into the Royal Green Jackets.