Sir Henry O'Neal de Hane Segrave 1896 - 1930

American born; British
born in:
Baltimore, Baltimore Independent City, Maryland, United States

1915 - wounded in France while serving in the Royal Warwickshire regiment. 1918 - serving in the Royal Flying Corps, posted to Washington as part of the British aviation mission. 1920 - worked with KLG sparking plugs as competition manager. 1921 - accepted as a team driver by Louis Hervé Coatalen, designer and racing manager to Sunbeam. Won the Brooklands 200 mile race. 1923 - became, at Tours, the only Briton until 1938 to win a European grand prix. 1924 - worked for Sunbeam as head of their London sales department. 1927 - retired from motor racing. At Daytona Beach, Florida, he became the first person to travel at 200 m.p.h. 1929 - joined the Aircraft Investment Corporation as technical adviser. 1930 - on Lake Windermere, in Miss England II, he took the world mile record at 98.76 m.p.h.