Christian Friedrich Budenberg 1815 - 1883

born in:
Osnabrück, Weser-Ems, Lower Saxony, Germany

1833 - began an apprenticeship in the cloth business, Buddeberg, in Bielefeld. 1850 - accepted an offer from his brother-in-law, Bernhard Schäffer, to join a partnership, along with Franz Primavesi, called Schäffer & Co. machine shop, manufacturing plate spring pressure gauges. 1852 - when Primavesi resigned from the company, it was renamed Schäffer & Budenberg. 1859 - due to expansion, the company moved to Buckau. Subsequent to this expansion, he oversaw international branches in Manchester, St. Petersburg, Stockholm, New York, Liège and Zurich. 1862 - at his own expense, together with the master mason and architect Christian Andreas Schmidt, built a gasworks in the town of Buckau. 1881 - awarded the title of Royal Kommerzienrates.