HMS Hood (1918)


1916 - laid down. 1920 - launched. 1931 - Some members of Hood's crew participated in the "Invergordon Mutiny" over a proposed reduction in pay rates Navy-wide. 1935 - Collided with Renown off Arousa Bay causing damage to Hood's starboard stern. 1937 - engaged in protection of merchant ships off Bilboa during the Spanish Civil War. 1939 - was struck a glancing hit of her port side by a 500lb bomb from a Ju-88 bomber resulting in a few sprung rivets, port bulge amidships flooded slightly, condensers damaged and minor shrapnel damage. 1941 - sunk in the Battle of the Denmark Strait against the Bismarck and Prinz Eugen, resulting in the deaths of 1,415 crew members. Only 3 men survived.