Bring Back British Rail

The Bring Back British Rail campaign was founded in 2009 by Ellie Harrison after years of delayed journeys, endless complaining and general disgruntlement with train travel in-and-around the UK. The campaign identified two main failings in the current rail system. Firstly, that the franchise system allows companies shirk responsibility by passing the blame for delays and bad service onto someone else. Secondly that, whilst in private ownership, passengers suffer by paying more for a worsening service. In order to rectify these failings the Bring Back British Rail campaign is advocating the reintegration of the country’s rail network so that it is unified as one organisation with a common goal of providing the best value, most efficient and reliable public transport system possible. Aiming for non-profit making industry, both passengers and employees could feel ownership and pride in their rail network, knowing that their fares and hard work are continually helping to improve the system.