The Navy Board

Royal Navy administration

1546 – Henry VIII establishes the 'Navy Board' “to oversee the administrative affairs of the naval service."

The Navy Board introduced 'Establishments of Dimensions', more commonly known as 'Establishments' by their year . These laid down specific criteria for warship design, construction and guns for all ships carrying twenty or more carriage guns.

1677 - Anthony Deane and John Tippetts were tasked with setting the dimensions for any new ships built for the Navy. Was instrumental in setting up the 'Establishment of Men and Guns to the Whole Royal Navy of England', a forerunner of the subsequent Establishments. 1703 - reported that it would be cheaper to take existing ships apart and rebuild them rather than build a new fleet from scratch. 1706 - introduced the 'Establishments of Dimensions' with the intention of fixing the design of ships for the foreseeable future. 1716 - a new establishment of guns was settled, increasing fire power. 1719 - more detailed dimensions of naval vessels decided and entered into the Establishment. 1732 - the Admiralty decided to consider a new Establishment and cut the Navy Board out of the consultation process as much as possible with the aid of the Surveyor, Sir Jacob Ackworth. 1740 - was ordered to propose some changes to the Establishment of 1732. 1745 - the new Establishment produced. 1832 - activities of the board placed directly under the control of the Admiralty.