Compagnie Générale des Lampes


Compagnie Générale des Lampes, later called "Compagnie des Lampes"; Ivry, France:

This company for incansent light bulbs produced the second high vacuum tubes in France under the label TM Métal in 1914. The first was made by E.C.& A. Grammont in Lyon under the label TM Fotos. See Tyne "Saga fo the vacuum tube" page 190-193 how France came to the first high vacuum triode in Europe - from copies of de Forest's Audion tubes: De Forest was doing experiments with his audion in France in 1908 and has met Colonel Ferrié. In 1914 Paul Pichon brought the latest triodes from the US with the intention to bring them to Telefunken but the war forced him to go to France. Ferrié also found the amplifier from de Forst who left if for Ferrié on his visit in 1908. It was lying forgotten in the basement of a storehouse (page 193). Since Grammont (Fotos) was not able to fulfill the demand for tubes "Métal" was pressed into service too.