John Tippetts Unknown - 1692

Surveyor of the Navy,

Probably served his shipwright apprenticeship at Portsmouth naval dockyard, though little is recorded of his early years.

1645 - became Assistant Master Shipwright at Portsmouth. 1656 - promoted to the post of Master Shipwright. 1658 - successfully oversaw the construction of a double dock at Portsmouth, capable of holding two third rates. 1659-60 - held mayoral office of Portsmouth. 1661 - while Master Shipwright of the Royal Docks at Portsmouth, was given a royal order to build one of two Second Rates. 1662 - following his support for Sir Arthur Hesilrige's abortive attempt to re-establish the power of parliament immediately prior to the Restoration, he was disfranchised as a person not to be trusted. 1664 - H.M.S. Royal Oak launched. 1667 - appointed Commissioner of the Navy. 1669 - built and launched the 90 gun H.M.S. St Michael, his largest ship. 1668 - promoted to the Navy Board. 1672 - made Surveyor of the Navy, a post procured for him by Samuel Pepys. 1675 - knighted in recognition of his contribution to shipbuilding. 1688 - reappointed Surveyor and remained in office until his death. 1691 - designed a new 80 gun Third Rate, which was not successful.