The Royal Hamilton Amateur Dinghy Club


1882 - The Hamilton "Dingey" Association became an entity as a result of Fitted "Dingey" Races held by a Hamilton School. 1883 - H.R.H. Princess Louise, Marchioness of Lorne, and Wife of Canada's Governor General, conferred the title "Royal" to the Club, while on a winter holiday. 1887 - A silver Cup was presented to the Club by H.R.H. Princess Louise which was to be raced to celebrate Queen Victoria's Jubilee, becoming the Jubilee Cup. 1890 - the Royal title was lost when the procedure governing titles was changed and the privilege was given to reigning Monarchs only. 1896 - the word 'Amateur' was dropped from the title. 1899 - the club moveed to "Belvoir" J.E.Lightbourn's house on Reid Street, to become "the Most Commodious Clubhouse in town". 1912 - the Championship (Jubilee) Cup Regatta was held for first time. 1916 - a fire destroyed many of the club's records. 1927 - the Club purchased an imposing mansion on Church Street, Hamilton and became incorporated. 1944 - the Championship Cup competition was revived, thereby expanding the sport of Fitted Dinghy racing of old dinghies. 1946 - it was decided to apply to H.M. Queen Elizabeth II for the re-introduction of the Royal title. 1953 - following confirmation by H.M. Queen Elizabeth, became the only “Royal” dinghy club in the world. 1954 - the name was changed back from The Hamilton Dinghy Club to “The Royal Hamilton Amateur Dinghy Club”.