Alex L Russell


Private Alexander L Russell initially began his wartime service with “A” section, 2nd London Field Ambulance, Royal Army Medical Corps. He served in France from 10 January 1915 until he was wounded with a bullet wound to the thigh on 30 September 1915. By 8th October 1915, he was at hospital in Manchester and after he recovered he was posted to Victoria Hospital, Chelsea and Richmond Military Hospital. He returned to France on 20 March 1916. On 4 May 1916 he joined the 2/2nd London Field Ambulance and wounded on the first day of the Somme with a shrapnel wound to the arm. He arrived at hospital in Epsom on 3 July 1916 and rejoined the 3/2nd London Field Ambulance at Tadworth on 3rd October 1916. He arrived in Salonika on 29 January 1917 and remained there for the rest of the war until he was de-mobbed on 5 May 1919.