Pearl Microphone Laboratories (PML) 1941

Manufacturer of microphones
born in:
Stockholm, Sweden

Pearl Microphone Laboratories (PML) is a manufacturer of microphones, based in Sweden. The company was founded in Stockholm in 1941 by Rune Rosander. Despite the war, the company saw immediate success due to a lack of spare parts available for imported microphones and the need for a domestic microphone manufacturer due to the inaccessiblity of those produced internationally. The expanding post war economy also benefitted the young company due to the increasing opportunity for exports to the other Nordic countries.

In 1954, Bernt Malmqvist, an 18-year-old precision mechanic, joined the company. A few years later, Rosander decided to move the company to Scania and Malmqvist was the only employee to follow. They settled in to a new industrial facility in 1960 at Åstorp and began hiring again.

In 1978, Rosander decided to split the company in two. One section continued as Pearl and focused on research and development, and the new section, named Milab (from Microphone Laboratories), produced and marketed the microphones. Products produced during this period usually bear both logos for both companies. However, Milab was managed by Rosander's son and in the early 1980s, father and son developed irreconcilable differences concerning how the company should be run. This led the two companies to follow separate paths.

Malmqvist worked for Milab and was responsible for much of the design innovations at Milab and the company gained success. Pearl was run as a one-man business by Rosander and, as he had given up the rights to his products to Milab, he had to start from scratch. However, in 1984, he released his first new microphone. Also in 1984, Milab was acquired by the Bilsom Group and they introduced the VIP-50 which brought them fame and success in the US.

In 1987, Rosander decided to retire and Malmqvist took over Pearl. In 1993, Milab was acquired by TN Development and production was moved to Helsingborg. Then, in 2017, Malmqvist finally decided to retire at the age of 81. He sold the company to Milab so that the companies are now once again reunited. Milab moved its production to Pearl's Åstorp facility so that all production is back under one roof and the brand, Pearl Microphone Laboratories, continues under Milab.