PS Great Western (1837)


1836 - Isambard Kingdom Brunel, Thomas Guppy and a group of Bristol investors formed the Great Western Steamship Company to build a line of steamships for the Bristol-New York route. 1837 - built by Patterson and Mercer, shipbuilders of Bristol. Sailed to London where she was fitted with two side-lever steam engines from the firm of Maudslay, Sons & Field. 1838 - after returning to Bristol sailed her maiden voyage to New York. 1839-40 - rebuilt for more passengers. 1847 - acquired by the Royal Mail Steam Packet Company. 1852 - stopped work. 1855 - acquired by the British Government for use as a troop ship during the Crimean War. 1856 - scrapped and broken up at Castles' Yard, Millbank on the Thames.