SS Cevic (1894)

Bulk oil carrier,
Livestock carrier

1894 - built by Harland & Wolff for the White Star Line. 1914 - converted into the dummy battleship H.M.S. Queen Mary. 1915 - decommissioned and restored for commercial duty by Harland & Wolff. 1916 - converted into an oil tanker for use by the Royal Fleet Auxiliary as the Bayol. 1917 - transferred to the Shipping Controller and renamed Bayleaf. 1920 - sold to the Anglo-Saxon Petroleum Co. for use as a depot ship at New York and renamed Pyrula. 1925 - transferred to Curacao and used as a depot ship and classified as an oil hulk. 1933 - sold for scrap and broken up by Henrico Haupt at Genoa.