Paramount Pictures Corporation 1912

Film studio,
Motion picture distributor,
Television production company
Hollywood, Los Angeles, Los Angeles county, California, United States

Initially founded in 1912 as the Famous Players Film Company. Founded by Adolph Zukor, Daniel Frohman and Charles Frohman. Starting in 1914, both LaskyFeature Play Company and Famous Players released their films through a start-up company, Paramount Pictures Corporation. In 1916, a merger of the three created Famous Players-Lasky Corporation. In 1927, Famous Players-Lasky took the name Paramount Famous Lasky Corporation. Three years later, because of the importance of the Publix Theatres, it became Paramount Publix Corporation.In 1936, became Paramount Pictures Inc. In 1966 was sold to Gulf + Western Industries Corporation.

Became Subsidiary of Viacom.