Sachtler & Wolf 1950


Sachtler is a brand within The Vitec Group's Production Solutions Division.

1950's - Wendelin Sachtler and Heinrich Wolf, an engineer from Mannhelm, ran a hire shop for camera and film making equipment. Together, from their small workshop on Herzogstraße, Schwabing, they developed tripods with gyro-fluid heads as well as gel frames, pedestals and zoom drives.

1958 - Wendelin Sachtler (1923 - 1979), a cinematographer, actor and inventor developed his own tripod head in a small workshop in Munich-Schwabing, Germany. His 'gyro head' not only panned and tilted, but was also dampened by a gyro-system, enabling filmmakers to execute pans without having to fight against their equipment gaining momentum. The new tripod proves so popular, it leads to the foundation of the new company, Sachtler.

1967 - Sachtler develops its first fluid heads with lubrication grease dampening.

1977 - After extensive experiments and trials, Sachtler patents its legendary permanent-sealed damping system. The use of hermetically sealed modules makes the system much more resistant to external factors than other alternatives.

1978 - Sachtler introduced its first carbon fibre tripods and its Panorama head 7+7 with seven-stage damping and counterbalance. As more and more camera teams make the switch to electronic cameras, lightweight and reliable products like this become increasingly popular.

1988 - Sachtler unveils the first daylight luminaire with 125W. Filmmakers and broadcasters now have a mobile source of flicker-free light.

1991 - Sachtler makes its complete range of daylight and tungsten luminaires available for the first time.

2001 - The artemis line of innovative camera stabilising systems is first released.

2006 - Sachtler launches the Cine 30 HD fluid head with sideload technology.

2017 - In partnership with sister brand Vinten, Sachtler launches the award-winning flowtech®. A versatile, lightweight tripod that is easier and faster to deploy and adjust than other tripods.