Konosuke Matsushita 1894 - 1989

Entrepreneur, Industrialist
born in:
Wasamura, Osaka, Kinki, Japan

November 27th 1894 – Konosuke Matsushita is born in Wasamura, Osaka, Kinki, Japan. March 7th 1918 - Konosuke Matsushita founds Matsushita Electric Housewares Manufacturing Works, in Osaka, Japan. 1918-1920 - Konosuke Matsushita wants to ensure good relationships with his employees. March 1920 - Konosuke Matsushita establishes the Hoichi Kai, which is an employee organization where all 28 employees of the company - including himself - participated. The Hoichi Kai later played an important role in bringing employees together, by organizing sporting events and cultural activities. 1935 - Konosuke Matsushita founds Matsushita Electric Industrial Co., Ltd., known to the world as Panasonic. This brand name continues today (2021) as one of the World's most well-known electrical equipment product names. April 27th 1989 - Konosuke Matsushita dies in Osaka, Kinki, Japan.