Alexander Morton and Company 1875 - 1914

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Founded in 1875 by Alexander Morton, Alexander Morton and Company was a successful textiles manufacturing firm based in Darvel, Ayrshire. The company supplied firms such as Liberty’s and rugs they produced even ended up in 10 Downing Street. It was later renamed Morton Sundour fabrics when control was handed to Alexander’s son, James Morton.

1890s: The company was employing around 600 employees

By 1900: Operations had expanded to Carlisle in England and Killybegs in Ireland. Lace curtains and Madras Muslin was produced in Darvel, chenille curtains in Carlisle and hand knotted carpets in Killybegs.

1905: The firm started producing printed fabrics.

30th June 1914: The company was dissolved, passing to James Morton and became Morton Sundour Fabrics Limited.