Don Nelson Page 1948

American, Canadian
Bethel, Alaska, United States

Don N. Page is a theoretical physicist with an expertise in gravitational physics and cosmology. He obtained his Bachelor's degree from William Jewell College (Missouri, United States) in 1972, followed by a Master's and Ph.D. from Caltech (California, United States) in 1976, with a dissertation titled 'Accretion into and emission from black holes'. His doctoral adisors at Caltech were Kip Thorne and Stephen Hawking. After obtaining his degree, Page worked as a research assistant to Hawking in Cambridge.

Page was professor at Pennsylvania State University between 1979 and 1990, obtaining then a position at the University of Alberta, where he continues to be based today (2022). Since 1912 he is a Fellow of the Royal Society of Canada.

In addition to his physics research, Page is an evangelical christian who engages actively in debates on the cosmological necessity for the existence of God.