Marconi Company Limited 1963 - 1987

born in:
United Kingdom

Marconi Company Limited began trading in 1963 after the change in name of Marconi's Wireless Telegraph Company. The company researched and developed electronics, radio, television and radar applications.

20 July 1897 - Wireless Telegraph and Signal Company (also known as Wireless Trading Signal Company) founded by Guglielmo Marconi (1874-1937);

1898 - opened world's first radio factory in Chelmsford;

1900 - renamed Marconi's Wireless Telegraph Company;

1946 - became subsiduary of English Electric;

1963 - renamed Marconi Company Limited;

1968 - English Electric taken over by GEC;

1987 - defence division renamed GEC-Marconi;

1990 - renamed GEC-Marconi Limited

1998 - renamed Marconi Electrical Systems (MES)

1999 - Marconi Electrical Systems (MES) became part of BAE Systems, concentrating on defence equipment; GEC realligned as a telecommunications company following MES sale, retained the Marconi brand and renamed itself Marconi plc, subsequently Marconi Corporation plc;

2006 - bought by Swedish firm Ericsson, who retain Marconi brand name;

The Marconi Company should not be confused with the Marconi Corporation which was created in 1999 by the renaming of The General Electric Company (GEC), minus the Marconi Electronic Systems business.