Kynoch Ltd 1862

Witton, Birmingham, Borough of Birmingham, West Midlands, England, United Kingdom

Formed in 1862 in Witton, Birmingham to make percussion caps by George Kynoch. In 1884 it became G. Kynoch & Co Ltd and began manufacturing metallic ammunition. In George Kynoch was ousted from the management of the company. It became Kynoch Ltd in 1897 and produced .303 cartridges. During the First World War it was the largest manufacturer of commercial British ammunition. It also opened opther factories in Co Durham and Yorkshire. In 1918 Kynoch Ltd was merged into Explosives Trades Ltd, later to become Nobel Industries then Imperial Chemical Industries. The old Kynoch factory at Witton was retained as the ammunition centre as part of the Metal Group within ICI and in 1962 was reorganised as Imperial Metal Industries (Kynoch) Ltd.