ITT Creed Limited 1972 - 1981


ITT Creed Limited was the continuation of the company Creed and Co which began business in 1909 following a few inventions made by Frederick George Creed. Creed was joined by Harald Bille in the development of the company with it being known as Creed, Bille & Company Limited from 1912. However, Bille was killed in a railway accident only a few years later in 1916 which led to the dropping of his name from the company to create Creed and Company.

The company was an important pioneer of teleprinter machines and also produced British Typex machines during the Second World War which were similar to the German Enigma machines.

In 1928, Creed and Co was merged with the International Telephone and Telegraph Corporation (ITT) but it kept its name until 1972 when the company was renamed to ITT Creed Limited. During the company's short span as ITT Creed Limited, it was an important supplier of teleprinter equipment to the Post Office.

In 1981, the company's name changed again to Telephone Switching International Ltd.