Belfast & Northern Counties Railway 1805 - 1903

Railway company
Belfast, The Northern Counties Hotel, Midland Hotel, Belfast, Laharna Hotel and City Hotel

The Belfast and Ballymena Railway became the Belfast and Northern Counties Railway Company in May 1860. It absorbed the BBC&PJR in January 1861 and the L&CR in July 1871. The narrow gauge Ballymena, Cushendall and Red Bay Railway Company was vested in the BNCR in 1884 and it absorbed the Carrickfergus and Larne Railway [1890], the Draperstown Railway [1895] and the Derry Central Railway [1901]. In 1903 track mileage was 335 miles (in 1922 route mileage was 201 miles of standard gauge and 64 of 3ft gauge). The BNCR was purchased by the Midland Railway on 1/7/1903 and its name was changed to "Midland Railway (Northern Counties Committee)".