Grimme Natalis and Co 1871 - 1959

Manufacturer of calculating machines,
Manufacturer of sewing machines
Brunswick, Braunschweig, Lower Saxony, Germany

1871 - firm formed by Carl Grimme and Kaufmann A. Natalis who had been producing sewing machines independently of each other.

1890s - Grimme Natalis & Co. diversified and started producing calculating machines which were extremely successful;

1921 - became Grimme, Natalis & Co AG (Aktiengesellschaft, or corporation).

1927 - name changed to 'Brunsviga Maschinenwerke Grimme, Natalis & Co AG', and later to just "Brunsviga Maschinenwerke AG" (Brunsviga Machine Works)

1957 - Brunsviga entered into an agreement with Olympia Werke AG of Wilhelmshaven (part of the AEG group), which led ultimately to the company being absorbed into Olympia in 1959.

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