Sir Austin William Pearce 1921 - 2004

English; British
born in:
Devonport, Devon, England, United Kingdom

1943 - obtained first-class honours in petroleum production and oil refining technology from Birmingham University. 1945 - gained a PhD in chemical engineering, and was awarded the prestigious Cadman medal and joined the Atlantic, Gulf, and West Indies (Agwi) Petroleum Company, which six years later became the Esso Petroleum Company. 1950 - became process superintendent. 1954 - became assistant refinery manager. 1956 - became general manager in charge of refining. 1963 - joined the Esso board as director responsible for marine and pipeline operations. 1968 - made managing director of Esso. 1974 - made CBE. 1979 - was elected the first president of the UK Petroleum Industry Association. 1980 - was offered the chairmanship of British Aerospace and knighted. 1985 - returned British Aerospace to the private sector on the instruction of Margaret Thatcher. 1986-1995 - Chairman of Trustees of the Science Museum. 1987 - retired from British Aerospace.