Gilbert Tomes 191314 - 2008

Electronic engineer,

Gilbert Tomes worked for Baird Television research laboratory, pioneering television technology; moved to Cinema Television Ltd.that manufactured and developed photocells; worked with Alec Tidmarsh;

beekeeping hobby led to his invention of a 'Queen Bee Detector' using Geiger Müller counter technology to monitor movement within a hive; detecting the radioactivity from a spot of luminous paint applied to the body of the queen bee;

worked on the development of electron tubes within the television industry and his interest in radiation detection led to the creation of 20th Century Electronics for the commercial development and manufacture of cathode ray and Geiger-Müller tubes. He became sole owner of the company in 1949 when it became a limited company, 20th Century Electronics Limited. By concentrating on chosen specialities of radiation detection and optical sensing, the company grew rapidly to become a world leader in its area of expertise, with many cutting edge innovations arising on the way. With over 50 years experience in meeting the challenge of change, the company continues to be as much as ever a "hive of activity".

Founded Centronic as Twentieth century electronics Limited;

1982 -purchase of Centronic by First Castle completed and saw the end of Gilbert Tomes' business links with the company that he had created.

2008 - Gilbert Tomes dies age 94