Royal College of Physicians 1518

English; British

1518 - A small group of physicians led by the scholar Thomas Linacre petition King Henry VIII to establish the College. 1523 - an Act of Parliament extended the College's licensing powers from London to the whole of England. 1618 - published the London Pharmacopoeia. 1627 - the college publishes a report on the hazards of industrial work. 1698 - opened the first public dispensary in England. 1726 - the college publishes a report on the dangers of excessive gin drinking. 1767 - a bitter dispute with its own licentiates was caused by the College’s refusal to admit candidates from non-Oxbridge universities. 1835 - candidates from other universities were finally admitted. 1869 - published Nomenclature of Diseases. 1909 - women allowed to enter the college for the first time. 1934 - Dr Helen Mackay became the first female fellow.