J. Warner & Sons 1739 - 1949

City of London, London, Greater London, England, United Kingdom Cripplegate

The firm of John Warner & Sons was begun in 1739. Under continuous ownership by the same family for more than two centuries, they manufactured a wide variety of products before finally closing in 1949. Warner began making bells in 1788, and continued to do so (with a hiatus between 1816 and 1850) until 1924. Their total production of bells is unknown, but there are approximately 2550 surviving Warner bells that are hung primarily for change ringing, carrying dates from 1788 to 1921.

The Warner foundries operated at various locations in London from before 1782 until about 1924. These locations included Cheapside, Cripplegate (commonly known as the Crescent Foundry), Spitalfields and Fleet Street. Other Warner foundries or works were located at Tendring, Essex and at Stockton-on-Tees, where the original Big Ben was cast.