Gresham and Craven Limited

Salford, Salford, Greater Manchester, England, United Kingdom

Manufacturer who made wire matresses, sewing machines and latter vaccuum brake equipment, such as the Gresham Dreadnought ejector, steam injectors and other locomotive equipment; founded by James Gresham, Thomas Craven and John Spier Heron in 1869 as Heron, Gresham & Craven, at the Craven Iron Works, Odsall Lane, Salford; J S Heron left the company due to ill health in 1875, company becoming known as Gresham & Craven from about 1879; became sole suppliers for Vacuum Brake Company in 1879; ceased production of sewing machines around 1884; taken over by Westinghouse Brake & Signal Co Ltd in 1954.