Gandolfi 1885

London, Greater London, England, United Kingdom

Hand-made wooden hand and stand camera manufacturer;

1885 - founded at 15a Kensington Place, Westminster by Louis Gandolfi (1864-1932); later moved to 752 Old Kent Road, London

1913 - moved to 84 Hall Road, Peckham Rye

1914-1918 - produced cameras for Royal Naval Air Serivce during first world war;

1928 - moved to Borland Road, Peckham;

1932 - Louis Gandolfi succeeded by sons Thomas (1890-1965), Frederick (1904-1990)and Arthur (1906-1993);

1982 - company transferred ownership to Brian Gould and Sir Kenneth Corfield (of Corfield Cameras) and moved to new premises in Andover, Hampshire; uncertain as to when or if Gandolfi ceased trading.