Hargreaves and Company Limited Hick 1842

Bolton, Bolton borough, Greater Manchester, England, United Kingdom

1889 - renamed from Hick, Hargreaves and Company on the death of William Hargreaves. 1891 - purchased the Phoenix Boiler Works and the Soho Works boiler department was moved there. 1908 - obtained licence to build Uniflow engines. 1911 - began the manufacture of diesel engines. 1922 - W. D'Arcy Madden general manager of the company, appointed managing director. 1933 - acquired the records, drawings and patterns of three defunct steam engine manufacturers and made repairs and supplied spare parts to the extant engines. 1937 - exhibited rotary air compressors and vacuum pumps at the British Industries Fair. 1961 - manufactured power station equipment. 1968 - aqcuired by Electrical and Industrial Securities Ltd.

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