Rogers 1947

United Kingdom

Established in 1947 by Jim Rogers, the company produces a variety of hi-fi products and is most well known for its loudspeakers, however it also produces other equipment including amplifiers, receivers, car audio equipment and LCD TVs.

In the early 1970s, the BBC commissioned Rogers to produce the LS3/5A, a small monitor speaker which could be used in restricted areas in outside broadcasting. The speaker had been designed by the Research Department of the BBC and then licenced to speaker companies for manufacture. Aside from Rogers, these companies included Chartwell, Audiomaster, Spendor and Harbeth.

Rogers is now a British brand name of Rogers International Ltd, a subsidiary of Wo Kee Hong Holdings Ltd. The company was bought by Wo Kee Hong Holdings Ltd in 1993, and in 1998, the company closed all of its UK manufacturing sites and moved all production to Asia. However, in 2018, Rogers came back to the UK using the name Rogers International UK Ltd.