G Scammell and Nephew Limited 1896 - 1965

Manufacturer of vans,
Repairer of carts
Spitalfields, Tower Hamlets, London, Greater London, England, United Kingdom

1896 - business established by George Scammell in Fashion Street, Spitalfields, London to build and repair carts and vans, and selling and maintaining Foden Steam Wagons.

1914-1918 - George’s great nephew, Lt Col Alfred George Scammell, injured and invalided out of the army, developed the ‘Articulated Six-wheeler’ into production in 1920

1921 - G Scammell & Nephew floated a new company - Scammell Lorries Ltd and the new firm acquired land in Tolpits Lane, Watford and built a new factory for the construction of the new Articulated Six-wheeler

1955 - Scammels joined the Leyland Group

1960s - renamed Scammell Motors following reorganisation within the Leyland Group

1965 - G Scammell & Nephew taken over by York Trailer Co

1988 - factory in West Watford closed