Julia Margaret Cameron 1815 - 1879

born in:
Calcutta, West Bengal, India

Cameron was born in India and during the 1840s organised social engagements for the Indian governor-general. She also wrote poetry and in 1847 published a translation of Gottfried Burger's Lenore. After 1848 her family moved to England. By 1860 she had moved to the Isle of Wight and three years later took up photography; this was to last until 1875. She took portrait photographs and images to illustrate books such as Tennyson's books of poetry. Although friends with photographic pioneers such as John Hershel, she was criticised by contemporaries for refusing to re-touch her work. In 1874 she wrote Annals of my Glass House about her photographic career. In 1864 she joined the Photographic Society of London, a year later organising her first solo exhibition. In 1875 she moved back to Ceylon with her husband.

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