Edward Linley Sambourne 1844 - 1910

English; British
born in:
Islington, London, Greater London, England, United Kingdom

1855-1856 - educated at the City of London School. 1857-1860 - attended the Chester Training College. 1867 - first drawing appeared in Punch. 1871 - started illustrating a regular Punch feature, ‘The essence of parliament’. 1878 - appointed ‘cartoon junior’, second in rank to John Tenniel, cartoonist-in-chief. 1882 - took up photography, using images of friends and family as the basis for his cartoon figures. 1883 - completed possibly his best known work, a large diploma card for the 1883 Fisheries Exhibition. 1885 - illustrated an edition of Charles Kingsley's Water Babies. 1900 - appointed one of the royal commissioners of the fine arts at the Paris Exhibition, being the sole juror for Great Britain in class 7. On the retirement of John Tenniel, became cartoonist-in-chief for Punch. 1893 - joined a camera club which provided nude models, photographs of which became the basis for the classically draped figures often featured in his later work. 1980 - his house opened to the public as the Linley Sambourne House.