Charles Hubert Scott- Paine 1891 - 1954

born in:
Sussex, England, United Kingdom

1910 - had a short flight in an aeroplane and this was the start of an enthusiasm for the air. 1912 - met Noel Pemberton Billing, who was already active in aviation. 1913 - joined Pemberton Billing Ltd (later known as Supermarine) on its formation to manufacture seaplanes at Woolston, Southampton. 1914 - after Pemberton Billing joined the Royal Naval Air Service, Scott-Paine became the firm's general manager. 1916 - became the managing director. 1919 - opened a flying boat airline service to the Isle of Wight. 1923 - along with James Bird, founded the British Marine Air Navigation Company Ltd. Left Supermarine. 1927 - founded the British Power Boat Company Ltd.