Humber Limited 1887 - 1931

English; British
Beeston, Nottinghamshire, England, United Kingdom

1885 - Thomas Humber forms a partnership with Thomas Rushforth Marriott. 1877-1887 business changes business partners several times. 1887 - Humber and Co was formed to amalgamate 4 cycle businesses. 1890 - Diamond-framed Humber bicycle produced which was essentially the same as modern bicycles. 1896 - The Humber Extension Co was formed to handle the wholesale and retail departments of the business. 1898 - company director, ET Hooley was bankrupted and the Humber company closed down their overseas operations. 1900 - company was registered as Humber Ltd. 1906 - introduction of Humber-Cordner 3-speed gear. 1907 - Beeston factory closed and business transferred to Coventry. 1931 - Hillman and Humber were taken over by the Rootes Group. The cycle business subsequently sold to Raleigh.