Daily Herald


The Daily Herald was first produced as a strike sheet by the London print unions in 1911; it was then launched as a daily newspaper aimed at the working man and woman; beset by financial problems, despite being backed from 1922 by the TUC Congress, the newspaper only achieved financial security when it was taken over by Odhams Press in 1931; the newspaper had a strong Socialist stance and by 1933 it had become the biggest selling newspaper in Britain with a circulation of two million; from this high circulation steadily declined until in 1961 Mirror Group Newspapers (MGN/IPC) took over the newspaper after taking over Odhams; attempts to revive the newspaper (relaunched as The Sun in September 1964) ultimately failed and the The Sun was sold to Rupert Murdoch's News International group on 1969, totally altering the paper's content and message.