Antoine Claudet 1797 - 1867

born in:
Lyons, Rhône, Rhône-Alpes, France

French photographer and artist who produced daguerreotypes; born in Lyon, active in Great Britain and died in London; student of Louis Daguerre and had a share in the invention; was one of the first portrait daguerreotypists to operate in London; made improvements to the sensitizing process, developed the red darkroom safelight and is thought to have invented the use of painted back drops; 1841 to 1851 he operated a studio on the roof of the Adelaide Gallery, London; subsequent studios at the Colosseum in Regent's Park (1847–1851) and at 107 Regent Street (1851–1867), known as the 'Temple of Photography'; 1848 he produced the photographometer (an instrument designed to measure the intensity of photogenic rays); and in 1849 he brought out the focimeter (for securing a perfect focus in photographic portraiture); elected a fellow of the Royal Society in 1853, and in 1858 produced the stereomonoscope.