Blackburn Aeroplane and Motor Company Limited 1914 - 1963

English; British
Kingston upon Hull, East Riding of Yorkshire, England, United Kingdom

1914 - Blackburn Aeroplane and Motor Company established by Robert Blackburn. 1916 - built a factory at Brough. 1939 - became Blackburn Aircraft Ltd. 1949 - amalgamated with General Aircraft Ltd. 1955 - won a contract to supply a new aircraft to the Fleet Air Arm (the NA39 later known as the Buccaneer). 1959 - the Buccaneer went into service with the Royal Navy. 1960 - became the Hawker Blackburns Division of the giant Hawker Siddeley Aviation Combine (Hawker Siddeley, Brough). One of the company's best known aircraft is the Hawk or T45, seen the world over as part of the RAF aerobatic display team The Red Arrows.