A E Dean and Company Limited 1921 - 1954

born in:
Holborn, Camden, London, Greater London, England, United Kingdom

Alfred E Dean active in 1890s; located in Grafton Road, Croydon, Surrey, England.

1921 - A E Dean and Company Limited in Holborn, London, England.

1954 - GEC Medical formed (amalgamation of Watson & Sons (X-Ray) Ltd. and A.E. Dean & Co of Croydon) to form A. E. Dean & Co. (X-RAY APPARATUS) Ltd.

1981 - GEC acquired Picker Corporation (American manufacturer of medical imaging equipment); Picker merged with Cambridge Instruments, GEC Medical, and American Optical to form Picker International.

1998 - acquired CT division of Elscint, Ltd.

1999 - company name changed to Marconi Medical Systems.

2001- Marconi Medical Systems purchased by Philips Electronics; located at 25 Progress Way, Waddon, Croydon