Thomas Agnew and Sons

English; British

1817 - the firm of Zanetti and Agnew established by Vittore Zanetti and Thomas Agnew in Market Street, Manchester.

1826 - the firm traded as Thos. Agnew & Sons from Exchange Street until the Manchester branch closed in 1932.

1828 - Vittore Zanetti retired.

1835 - on the death of Zanetti, Thomas became sole proprietor.

1850 - after successfully completing apprenticeships with their father, William and Thomas Agnew became partners in the firm.

1860 - a London branch was opened at 5 Waterloo Place.

1861 - the elder Thomas retired from the firm and his son William became the guiding force of the firm.

1874 - William's son George William joined the firm.

1875 - the firm moved to 39 (now 43) Old Bond Street, formerly an old coaching yard.

1878 - William's son Charles Morland joined the firm.

1881 - Thomas' son William Lockett Agnew joined the firm.

1895 - William Agnew retired. 1908 - the firm opened a branch in Berlin.

1925 - the firm opened a branch in New York.

1932 - the New York branch closed.

2010 - moved to new (and present) premises at 35 Albemarle Street, London.