Jetter and Scheerer 1867

Tuttlingen, Freiburg district, Baden-Württemberg, Germany

1867-Gottfried Jetter (1838-1903) sets up a surgical instrument maker and trains at Paris with Mathieu and Lϋer; 1867 takes on his brother in law William Scheerer as an apprentice; 1877 - another brother in law Karl Christian Scheerer (1857-1938) joins as manager of commercial affairs; 1887 - becomes Jetter & Scheerer, massive expansion followed and developed a mass production market; 1893 - spread out to an international market; 1893 - opened Jetter & Scheerer Company with Sardy and Company in New York but languished; January 7 1896 - set up a new company with Richard Kny and Company to establish a better footing in America and became principal sellers; Kny-Scheerer were compelled by contract to purchase all surgical equipment from Jetter and Scheerer; Trademark - torch with snake coiled round it (head to the right) the whole surmounted by a coronet - Aesculape