Minimax Limited 1903 - 1955

London, Greater London, England, United Kingdom

1903 - began in England; opened first office in England in Leadenhall Street, London; 1905 - renowned for conical extinguisher known as 'The Minimax'; won the 'highest award' for extinguishers in the St.Louis exhibition; 1907 - exported to Argentina, China, Siam, India and Tasmania etc; prestigious English customers: King Edward VII, Westminster Abbey, Windsor Castle, Winchester Cathedral and Oxford and Cambridge Universities; 1911 - new factory built at Feltham Middlesex, known as 'Minimax Corner', 1914-1918 - 200 extinguishers a day were produced along with thousands of aerial bombs; 1918-1939 - new developments introduced, included CO2 extinguishers and colliery protection with remote-controlled extinguishers were a speciality; 1939-1945 - Distillation plants for producing fresh water from salt water were made; 1955 - Minimax purchased by the Pyrene Company Limited.