Reid Brothers

Telegraphic engineers,
Telegraphic instrument makers

1862 - Reid Brothers trading from 25 University Street, Thornbaugh Mews and Standard Factory, Wharf Road, City Road, N London. 1871 - Reid Brothers, telegraph engineers, 12 Wharf Road, City Road, N. London. 1874 - Reid Brothers, telegraph contractors, engineers, telegraph instrument makers, iron pole manufacturers and submarine cable manufacturers, Telegraph Works, 12 Wharf Road, City Road, N. London.

1885 - Listed in Kelly’s Post Office London Directory, as: ‘pneumatic signal manufacturers’. 1903 - Reid Brothers start to manufacture equipment for British Cash & Parcel Conveyors Ltd. 1914-1918 - Additional manufacturing capacity at High Wycombe. 1910 - the company is incorporated into a Limited liability business.