Amstrad plc is now a fully owned subsidiary of BSkyB (since 2007) and is A SEPARATE COMPANY. Founded by Alan Sugar in 1968 Amstrad (a contraction of Alan Michael Sugar Trading) is based in Brentwood, Essex. During the 1970s they were at the forefront of low-priced hi-fi, TV and car stereo cassette technologies, expanding into producing audio amplifiers and tuners. Began producing computers (the Amstrad CPC range) in 1984. In 1986 they bought rights to produce Sinclair computers. In the early 1990s Amstrad concentrated on the production of laptop and portable computers but following its failure to break into the games console market Amstrad chose to concentrate less on computers and more on telecommunications. Amstrad was a major supplier of set top boxes to UK satellite TV provider Sky since its launch in 1989. Amstrad was key to the introduction of Sky as it was the only manufacturer producing receiver boxes and dishes at the system's launch. During the early 1990s Amstrad bought several telecommunications businesses (including Betacom, Dancall Telecom, Viglen Computers and Dataflex Design); in 1997 In 1997, Amstrad was wound up, its shares being split into Viglen and Betacom instead. Betacom PLC was then renamed Amstrad PLC.