Edward Lyon Berthon 1813 - 1899

Inventor of nautical aids
born in:
London, Greater London, England, United Kingdom

1828 - sent to Liverpool to study surgery under James Dawson. 1833 - continued his medical studies at the College of Surgeons in Dublin. 1834 - ended his medical studies. 1841 - took holy orders. 1849 - patented (#12,901) his ‘nautachometer’, commonly called ‘Berthon's log’, used to measure the speed of a vessel over water. 1850 - became Vicar of Fareham. Following the sinking of the SS Orion, he started his design for a collapsible life boat. 1851 - entered a model of his collapsible life boat at the Great Exhibition. 1853 - published The Fareham Life Boat. 1854 - had an audience with Queen Victoria and Prince Albert. 1860 - accepted the living at Romsey. 1862 - spoke at the Romsey Exhibition. 1864 - travelled to the Mediterranean for health reasons. 1873 - returned to the design of collapsible boats resulting in Admiralty orders of more than £15,000. 1876 - presented a paper to the Royal United Services Institution regarding the collapsible life boat. 1877 - started the Berthon Boat Company devoted to building the Berthon Boat. 1892 - retired from the church.