1922 - Burnham & Co's wireless department became Burndept Ltd., Witt Burnham established it as a private company; located at Aldine House, Bedford St, Strand, London, also Manchester, Leeds, Cardiff and Newcastle; 1925 - Burndept Wireless Limited formed; by 1926 - located at Blackheath, London; one of the (12) founders of the British Broadcasting Company; 1927 - overcame financial problems and continued to produce radio receivers; 1934 - Burndept radio company purchased and also began to produce Vidor batteries (as Vidor Limited); 1935 - factory located at Erith, Kent; 1962 - taken over by Royston Industries of Byfleet; 1968 - Crompton Parkinson purchased the Vidor (dry battery) and Burndept and became Burndept Electronics (E.R.) Ltd, Erith; by 1971 - Burndept made Readycall (car radio/ telephone), search and rescue beacons and test instruments; 1978 - subsidiary of Ever Ready (Holdings) Ltd.