J and G Rennie 1821 - 1912

Marine engineers,
Mechanical engineer,
Southwark, Southwark, London, Greater London, England, United Kingdom

Originally known as Rennie Brothers, Holland Street, Southwark. (George Rennie and his brother Sir John Rennie).

1821 - on the death of John Rennie (the elder), the business was divided between his two elder sons (George and John), who remained in partnership.

1830s - J. & G. Rennie established shipbuilding yard, Norman Road, Greenwich.

1838 - provided engine for SS Archimedes, the first successful screw steamer in the world.

About 1850 - George's sons, John Keith Rennie and George Banks Rennie, joined and the firm became George Rennie & Sons, factory, Albion ironworks.

1855 - patented the disc marine engine.

1912 - moved to Wivenhoe and amalgamated with a local firm to become Rennie Forrest Shipbuilding and Dry Docks Co.