Baker Perkins Limited 1920

Manufacturer of food processing machinery
born in:
England, United Kingdom

1819 - Jacob Perkins moved to England from Massachusetts; 1870s - Joseph Baker, a Candian, invented a simple combined flour scoop and sifter ; Perkins and Baker companies both produced bakery, biscuit, confectionery, chocolate and chemical manufacturing machinery;

1903-1904 - Perkins company moved from premises in London to a newly built factory and offices, Westwood Works, Peterborough

1914-1918 - during WW1 collaborated on automatic baking equipment for armies in the field;

1920 - companies merged to become Baker Perkins;

1930s - Willesden factory closed and equipment and people transferred to Peterborough;

1987 - company acquired by APV, dairy and liquid food specialist, and company changed name to APV Baker;

c 1988 - re-location to new premises on a greenfield site at Paston, near Peterborough;

c. 1989 - Tweedy of Burnley acquired and incorporated into the Peterborough business but the Tweedy name is still used for a range of dough mixers;

2006 - Baker Perkins regained its independence when it was acquired by private investors John Cox and Brian Taylor;

two factories - Perkins at Peterborough, Baker at Willesden, North London.